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This is the personal web page of a hobbyist programmer. I will use it to share some freeware programs I have written, and to post the source code for those who are interested. Most of the code is in some dialect of BASIC, but occasionally in other languages. Target platforms are Windows, PocketPC and Linux. For other hobbyist programmers you will find comments on the programming tools I use, and interesting links on programming topics.

For family and friends, many of whom live continents away, this web page also includes photographs of home, holidays and work. My wife Maew, takes most of these photographs and maintains this section of the web site, I write the code!

Garvan O'Keeffe,
Web site created on July 19, 2004


License for Source Code

Where the source code on these pages is derived from Open Source code written by others, I have respected the licensing conditions of the original, and full details of what ever licensing conditions apply will be included in the source code.

I occasionally include copyright notices in my source code, without any licensing conditions, and this means I retain ownership of the software, but you may still use portions that you find useful without requesting permission or giving any acknowledgment, providing you do not just copy the entire software and misrepresent it as your own. More recently I have tried to select more well know licenses for the programs on this site so that the licensing conditions will be clearer on a file by file basis.

Software without copyright notices is posted with the intention of sharing source code or ideas and may be copied for use or modification in your own programs without restrictions.

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